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Extra: A gospel duet

Extra: A gospel duet

August 31, 2019 Articles and Videos No Comments

Tiffany Obi gives a stunning performance in her audition, and then she and David Moses sing the “Gospel for Teens” theme song, “How Could Anyone Ever Tell You.”

Amazing Love - Gospel Duets

Amazing Love – Gospel Duets

August 20, 2019 Articles and Videos No Comments

Entry for video contest: GDD Season II hi morning Sharon and I won't be saying amazing well i forgiven because you were forsaken on accepted you working down I'm along well spirit is within me because you just go the kids I'm prison because you …..

Revolving Piano Duet

Revolving Piano Duet

July 30, 2019 Articles and Videos 49 Comments

1 piano, 4 pianists, and 8 songs made for a fun unrehearsed performance after a church service in South Georgia. With key changes every verse and a list of songs in front of us, we had a great time trying to make seamless transitions! Pianists …..