Making Beautiful Places for the Glory of God

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Bob Walker was 13 years old when he heard R.G. LeTourneau speak about being God’s businessman. It was then and there that Bob felt the call to business. Today, Bob is president of Walker Mowers, but God is the Senior Partner—and has been since Bob’s father started Walker Manufacturing Company on the family farm in Kansas. Since 1980, Walker has focused on designing, developing and producing a line of compact, commercial-grade riding mowers and attachments. In 2008, the 100,000th mower came off the line in their 216,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Ft Collins, Colorado. Walker mowers can be seen on the lawns of castles in Europe, parks Down Under, international State Houses and exclusive properties throughout North America. But most often they’re used by family-owned mowing businesses around the globe.
Ingenuity, excellence, integrity, gratitude, stewardship and multiplying opportunity guide Walker Mower as they seek not just to make lawn mowers, but to create beautiful places for the glory of God.

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a key part of of honoring the Lord is gratitude being thankful I'm not lucky I'm blessed I'm Bob Walker I'm president of Walker manufacturing company and we're located in Fort Collins Colorado we're sitting here in our factory that's two hundred and sixteen thousand square feet we have a hundred and fifty-five employees and we like to say instead of making lawn mowers we make beautiful places I felt a very distinct call to be a Christian businessman and that occurred when I heard Mr Letourneau give his testimony and tell how the Lord had called him and I love the story where Jesus fed 5,000 with one little boys lunch that that shows how how God's kingdom is supposed to operate and so when we give our little lunch to use the analogy I believe the Lord takes what we give him and multiplies it and so in this business we we have been able to see that we've been able to see you can say well you've only got 155 people here that's not a very big deal in my mind but if you trace it all out all the suppliers all the customers all the people that are touched by what we do here thousands of people are fed or have some part of their livelihood connected to this company which is I believe a the way God's kingdom is supposed to operate for me my faith is I treat every lawnmower that I'm making like Christ is going to be getting that lawnmower so I want to make sure that everything is just perfect on it to the best that I can do my brother got out of college in 1975 so we worked together for a long time we try to live our faith and well we don't do a lot of preaching we have a list of principles that we've put together that kind of highlight you know how we think and and guidelines for you know the goals for the company one of them says something to the fact that we love people and use money and to use people and love money even though it's a very seasonal business and that is we we would normally if we just made more Moors when we needed them we would wait and bring a whole bunch of people in make lawnmowers and then shut down when we were done for the season but for us we we felt from as a principle that we should treat people like we would want to be treated which means people have a full-time life nobody has a seasonal life and so we've tried to organize and have organized ourselves to have year-round employment I love working here I love working with Bob Walker Dean Walker they're both true to the word they once they tell you that you want to do something or help you out they will I have a favorite scripture that I it's it's it's really helped me across the years Philippians 2:4 where it says look not only to your own interest but the interest of others so when you face a decision and you say well what's best for us but scripture teaches we should be looking also to the interests of these other people it helps answer the question what should I do early in 2009 when I when we begin to move into what we call our springtime sales they just weren't there we did not have enough jaw work to keep everybody busy so we I think the Lord well I know the Lord helped us come up with a solution to save some jobs we found some work that needed to be done out in our community and we sent work teams out and we paid them they were on our payroll but we did community service and sure enough it was it was the bridge that we needed to get into January in February and by the time we got to that point things begin to pick up a little bit the easy thing would have been to just lay people off I tell you what what brought me here was their integrity and I just love that because they love the Lord and I don't work for the walkers I work with them and that's a big difference well my brother is very much a man of principle and a man of faith again that's evident in his life on a daily basis and so he's been a very you know stabilizing force in our company for years and years and it's really led by example I've just walked in the walk a favorite question that some of these business advisors or consultants like to ask you is tell me what keeps you awake at night and I really often I have said right back to them nothing keeps me awake at night I sleep good almost every every night and there's a another scripture that I like very much Psalm 112 7 where it says the righteous man does not fear bad news his heart is steadfast and trusting in the Lord the scripture that that really helps me in fact I I put it up on my computer screen during that era of 2009 when things were so bad psalm 34:19 where it says a righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all you you

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