Exploring Haunted St Augustine's (SAN LORENZO CEMETERY) πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

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Just putting this out, filmed this last month in St Augustine with me and my son. Check it out and leaves some love!!


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what what what what that's what demons can do to you man well did you hear that it is sound like there was something behind you bro st. Augustine Florida founded in 1565 one of the first cities founded in the United States and one of the most haunted I've been here several times I've always said if you want to find paranormal activity go to st. Augustine and walk up and down the streets the city where the spirits never sleep what's up guys Jody Dean here mr. hunting the dead and I have my son Anthony with me Anthony say what's up he is the birthday boy today he turned 11 years old today and you know what he told me he said dad I want to go ghost hunting I am a proud father right now I'm so excited we were about to turn shit up a notch here we go Wow look how they're all lined up I've always liked that style it's just really cool man I like the silhouette when you're riding in out of that hook Anthony am i blinding you right now dude look at that big mausoleum right there I know I've said it before but that's a major piece of real estate that guy definitely had some jack bro I love moss isn't that beautiful I love moss and dead trees I am a sucker for moss and dead trees she better pay attention and not run this over would that be like the horriblest birthday present ever Anthony get ran over on your birthday by your own mother be horrible I know then we'd be hunting you out here alright so we're here in San Lorenzo Cemetery I've been here several times I've caught so much here in the past in st. Augustine this is like a place you have to hit if you're gonna come to st. Augustine to do some ghost hunting you got to come to San Lorenzo anyway this is a hot spot right here I'm gonna turn the camera around so you guys can see look at this now if you went to New Orleans you would see a lot of this above-ground mausoleums this is really big there they do that because of the flooding whoa whoa whoa just felt like I seen him like a little anomaly over here now we got to be careful for snakes ant there were that little boy the other day he got bit by a snake and he's in critical condition right now well did you hear that it is sound like there was something behind you bro seriously I'm not even playing like turn around you know sometimes guys the most activity I find in these places isn't in the actual cemetery it's in the outskirts of them it's between trees it's between areas that you know there's probably somebody else buried that something malicious or something that nobody knows happened here like I'm being drawn right down here right now and I know there's nothing but like swamp and trees can you give us a sign if you're here dude hey you want to let's scare the hell out of mommy I got an idea oh my god alright she can't see where we're standing right now right we're gonna go up behind those mausoleums and we're gonna come out and we're gonna scare the hell out of her and everybody's gonna see it okay you want to yeah all right guys we just turned the light off so she doesn't see us coming up all right stay low stay low stay behind me I get I gotta go all the way off with the light all right follow me he's gonna shit her fucking pants ready Oishi Thank You way I think I've seen somebody run through here really yes ah look at her hands guys they're still healing show them that's crazy that's what demons can do to you man after somebody over here man when I tried to shake her party down we're just looking for some fucking ghost yeah Wow look at that oh my god I just want to go in there and sleep stay the night that's so sexy video challenge na do you like challenges do you think I should do more challenges yes see I see this a lot of kids love the challenges so I get why it's successful I've never been big on the whole challenges but you know what here's the challenge here's the challenge Jody Dean's gonna go a whole video without cussing that's a real challenge wow that is so sick dude I'm such a sucker for mausoleums man wow that is just beautiful I'm hoping the whole family's in this man it looks like it right let's see is this a whole family or one individual they even got their own door behind the door that's insane ISM there's Alicia well somebody over there's got something funky going on dude though we're about to capture a drug deal zoom in on them Oh something weird going on over there man Oh No what what what what I I just got touched you just touched my son what'd it feel like I mean like you feel like a human hand or a shock hand just chillin wow dude I'm so happy you experienced that – like sometimes I think if I'm the only one that experiences that shit you know like I feel like I'm crazy but like you've experienced it mommy's experienced it a lot of people that watch me actually get touched – wow that's a really pretty plant I'd like to burn it do I love the way they're all lined up alright we're gonna do a spirit box session real quick and hopefully maybe we can capture something good over here by this guy that has this huge piece of real estate here how many spirits are here was that dude I just seen something on camera there I see now I was just looking at I seen something on here dude what was that you hear that dude that what's inside that mausoleum bro that was inside there was this something in there it was just something in there dude dude there was just something in that mausoleum that was crazy oh my god I think that's why I'm freaked out dude like I know there's nothing that could be in there oh my god hello dude that's insane man that's exactly what it sounded like bro that's exactly what it sounded like you know what let's do a spirit box session right here at the gated this thing this is where I heard it at I only said let's go cuz it took a second to process that this is where it was coming from sounded like maybe somebody was like did something like threw something at us or something but that's what I heard was that you they tried to give us a sign that you were here is there somebody standing here right now what's your name are we bothering you by being here right now [Laughter] sound like a few direct responses would you like for us to lead Wow there was something there all right I think me and Anthony are gonna wrap up here right now we've just seen like three cops ride by I'm not saying they're gonna come back here but might as well not try their luck I mean we're not we're not doing anything wrong technically I didn't see any signs that said no trespassing after a certain time if I did then I would have tried to speak to the cemetery before coming in here but the whole thing is is like you know we're out here walking around with cameras and lights and it is a cemetery so I think we got some pretty good stuff though for just being here a short period of time I seen a couple anomalies I'm hoping that they showed up on camera the way that I seen them and and we've got a few voices so a man that's an investigation another one on the belt so be sure to comment like subscribe and share man get your HTV Murch htd number four life.com i'll see you guys on the next one

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