Cleaning The Train Station, Elizabeth, NJ. My City my passion, Get involved

January 31, 2020 Articles and Videos 2 Comments

GET INLVOLVED Soul Searchers Club, serving the community, sharing God’s love in Elizabeth, NJ Elizabeth My City my passion, Get involved

on behalf the city of Elizabeth I like to say thank you for coming out and doing such a wonderful job leading our train station elizabeth is where we grew up when we were born and you know I'll start give us a purpose and he made the key created all of this so it's our job Eva clean and harbor city it's very very cold but in the end it's all going to be hopefully worth it and everything old nice and everybody will be satisfied in la iglesia stay elisabet no same Oprah puesto no ser más UN sukhmani no hemos decidido salir a la calle que la gente se de cuenta que existe Mo's y que existe mophir hacer una pollo para hacer una you de que yo SE den cuenta que somos parte de esta comunidad yet ohoven sito's a entendido muy bien el concepto OS trocar um pooja sabe usted mechta c'mere it'd make a better place 05 okay no de vida de zhen de que con su ascend be like oh el de noemi know you're home free next week as a fan find a group Wiggins Fresno meses de gallo a widow baseeri so donde we are here today let Elizabeth train station we have been drinking up all this trash because we care about our city all the Pathfinders from dulles with spanish church and a couple other people have gotten together to help clean our community it's our job take care and clean and keep our city nice a limpiar moes los muchachos and felicia he contentos y esos no ha vendido quesadilla and giving up your time to help the community looking forward to doing more work with you guys so you call us boy we're here we're here for you great job thank you you

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